STEEL Ridge has had a busy fall, We have traveled to SeaTac to compete in the preseason Peak Performance event at Seattle Christian High School on Saturday, September 23rd. Our team and robot performed well which lead to an opportunity to align with two great teams, the Cyborg Ferrets and CPR, as part of the 1st alliance in the elimination playoffs. Two weeks later we were at Catlin Gable in Portland, OR for the Girls Generation event. Our all girls drive team did an amazing job on their way to a number 4 ranking out of the 20 teams at the event.

Successful Event at Lake Oswego


Highest Rookie Seed and Rookie Inspiration Awards

Another great event at Lake Oswego when we again exceeded our goals. We achieved a higher qualification ranking and ended up being the Captain of the 6th alliance in the elimination playoffs. For the second time our alliance made the semi-final round before being eliminated. We earned the Highest Rookie Seed Award and were also selected for the Rookie Inspiration Award. In addition to all that we qualified for the Pacific Northwest FRC Championship in Cheney.
Wilsonville Steel Ridge

The 1st FRC Event for Steel Ridge Robotics at Wilsonville

Team photo from PNW Wilsonville District Event. Our team and robot had a great performance qualifying for the semi-finals. Here is the video of our second quarterfinal match as our alliance (blue) started a comeback to win in the first round of the playoffs. Thanks so much to our alliance partners, Team 5085 – the Lakerbots and Team 957 -SWARM.

End of Build – Bag and Tag

February 20th, 2018